28 August 2016

Our trip to Texas

So earlier this month, the boys and I flew to Texas to visit family.  Seth did not get to go due to work, so I loaded up my crew and we flew to Dallas.  It was HARD traveling with two kids by myself, and I came back saying I'd not do it again, but I probably will.  ;)  The flight there was no fun, Hogan was upset (and by upset, I mean SCREAMING) 3/4 of the flight but he redeemed himself when he was awake and HAPPY the entire way back.

We had such a great time visiting my dad and stepmom, my grandmother, and other family and friends.  We went to the lake for a couple days, got to see my BFF since 4th grade and enjoyed life on the farm.

  Winslow loved getting up at 6am and feeding the chickens (thank the Lord, I got to sleep in with Hogan every morning), he enjoyed swimming in the pool, and chasing the goats.  He really did have the time of his life.

We went to the lake for a couple days and it was his first time water tubing.  He loved it and even wanted to go faster!

He also caught his very first fish, all by himself!

What a wonderful time. We enjoyed every minute of it.

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  1. Looks like that the little buddy has learnt many things there. He is looking like a grown up now and enjoying the trip a lot. Thanks for sharing the pics here.