22 August 2016

Hogan is SIX months!


How in the world?

Seriously, it has gone by so fast, I don't know what to do with myself! I need to blog more to keep our memories stored, but Lordy, between both boys not sleeping well..I literally have no time or energy to write.

Hogan Graham is six months.

Weight: 18.5 pounds

Height: 28 inches

Nicknames: Hogan, baby brother, monkey, bunkey

Eating: Nursing every 2.5-3 hours during the day and 2-3 times at night.

Sleeping: Oh gosh. I've just accepted that this little man is not a good sleeper.  He wakes up, on average, four times at night.  Yes, it stinks, and YES i am tired.  He sometimes wakes up 6 and sometimes 3....last night was twice and I thought I had died and gone to heaven because I got 3.5 hours of sleep in a row.  For naps, he has just transitioned to two naps a day.  One around 10-10:30 and one around 2:30-3.  He sleeps at night from 7:45ish-7:45 in the morning. 

Diapers: Doing cloth for the most part, with a few size three disposables here and there. 

Clothing: He wears 6 months but I just pulled out the 9 month clothes.  ahhh!
Social: Such a happy boy.  Smiles all the time, very laid back, loves being held.  He laughs all the time at Winslow and has just started saying "mamamamamama"  YAY! His first word!

Likes: Being worn in my wrap, eating, his giraffe rattle, grabbing his feet, rolling everywhere, sitting up and chewing on EVERYTHING in sight.  He is a DROOL machine.
Dislikes: Still not a fan of riding in the car, hates pacifiers, doesn't like to sit in his highchair for extended periods of time.

What we're looking forward to: NOTHING.  LOL..i mean, doing nothing. August was the busiest month of the year for us, and we are content to just sit at home.  We made a trip to Texas for almost two weeks that I'll blog about next week, and then Seth flew to NC for a long weekend.  Then my mom visited and now we are laying low until mid September when we go to NC for a visit.

  Do you see a similarity?  Are these two brothers?
Here is Winslow at six months:


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  1. what an adorable child. i am sure he brings out a smile on those around him. i wish him all the luck for his beautiful life. keep us updated