14 July 2016

Sick house

This week has been so tough on us.

Winslow came home from church and must have brought the horrible stomach bug with him.  We went to the beach Sunday evening (see below for photos)  and that night he woke up around 11pm throwing up.  It continued ALL night, off and on Monday and off an on Tuesday.  I took him to the doc Tuesday finally because it was still lingering and we just got some meds.


on Wednesday, I GOT IT.  I didn't throw up, but I had stomach issues, fever, and flu like symptoms. It was HORRIBLE.  Caring for two kiddos and being sick is not fun at all.  I went to bed at 8pm and slept until 4am when Hogan got up to nurse, then got 3 more hours after that.  It was GLORIOUS.  Now today, I feel amazing.  I am thinking all the sickness is gone.  Lord, I hope so.

I am praying Hogan and Seth do not get it.

So we've been laying low this week and going stir crazy inside.  Watched a lot of movies, drank a lot of sprite, and sanitized everything.

Here's to a healthy rest of the week!!

And I want to give a very Happy Birthday shout out to my beautiful grandmother, Meme.  She turns 91 today and is currently in France at the house she grew up in.  So special, I hope she's having a wonderful time.  I love you, Meme!

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