18 July 2016

Hogan is five months old!

Weight:17 pounds

Height: 27.50 inches

Nicknames: Hogan, baby brother

Eating: Still exclusively nursing. We won't introduce food until 6 months.  He won't take a pacifier so he usually gets nursed to sleep for naps and bedtime :)  It's funny how different I am with the second kid, because with my first, I never let him nurse to sleep.  Must have been all those dumb "parenting" books I read.  Ugh, you live and you learn.  Now I could care less when he nurses or how much he nurses.  As long as he is growing healthy and happy, I am happy.  He still eats 3-5 at night...yeah..i . am. tired.  

Sleeping: Nope.  He's up around 4-6 times a night.  Usually ends up in bed with me around 4:30AM and wakes up anywhere between 7:30-8:30.  Little guy does not sleep well.  It will come one day though...right?  ;)  He naps around 3 times a day 10am-1:30pm-5ish.  Then he goes to bed around 8:15pm.
Diapers: We finally have gotten a hold of his rash issues- His skin is so sensitive so we can only use a certain type of cloth diaper and have to use a disposable like once a day to keep his skin from breaking out.  It works for us, and I am so thankful because I have a LOT of cloth diapers that I used with Winslow and I am not ready to get rid of them.  He is in a size 3 disposable.
Clothing: 6 month clothes and I am going to start getting out the 6-9 month soon! 

Social:Smiles all the time and talks a lot! He is content to be in my arms all day if I would have it. Such a layed back little fella.  I love it.  He loves when Winslow talks to him and his daddy is the best at making him smile.
Likes: Nursing, being held, his exersaucer, Winslow, chewing on everything, being outside, sleeping in the Tula.

Dislikes:getting out of the bath, teething, sleeping a long time at once, being left alone for too long, the car, pacifiers, bottles.

What we're looking forward to: We have a busy next few weeks! Me and the boys are flying to Texas by ourselves in two weeks.  We will spend 10 days with my dad. I cannot wait. Then right after that, my mom is coming for a few days while Seth flies to NC for a bachelor party.  Lots of fun to be had in the next month!
  Here is Winslow at five months:

Definitely see similarities, but they also look very different!  Love my boys!

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  1. Love these babies! You are a wonderful mommy....must be inherited!