02 June 2016

Summer is here.

Hello Hello Hello!!!

My younger brother is in town for two weeks and boy are we enjoying this.  He just finished another year of medical school and is taking a break until July when he starts clinicals.  I love having him here because he's such a big help with the boys. 

He is also working around the house, fixing up my flower beds, and doing small projects. We plan on going to the beach this weekend so I am not working him too hard, don't worry.

Both boys are currently napping (which I am sure will only last a few minutes) so I am hoping to get a couple posts scheduled.  I haven't ever posted about all the home updates we have done, and I found all the photos in my library recently! I need to share them!

Until then, enjoy some snippits of our summer.  We have been living it up outside in our mini pool, blowing bubbles, riding scooters, heading to the beach, and playing in the sprinkler.  this is the life.

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