02 May 2016

Missouri Trip

Earlier this month, we made our first trip with both kids to Missouri to have a mini family reunion.  My cousin, Haley, and her little 2.5 month old were going to be there, and I REALLY wanted to see them, so we decided to make a 4 day trip to visit grandparents. Plus, my nanny and pappy hadn't seen us in over a year and my mom and my aunts decided to come too! It was so much fun and Hogan was definitely not lacking in the love department.  Also, my brother came and Winslow ADORES him.  They did everything together.  Fished, ate ice cream, played in the dirt, ran around. I am thankful for such an amazing Uncle for my son :)

We had such a great time and man the weather was COLD! This Florida girl was not used to that.

Now let's talk about flying with TWO kids.  That crap is exhausting.  Both boys were very good for the most part and I am thankful for that.  But toting two bags, two car seats, diaper bag, carry on, and two kids....yikes.  We made it out alive though ;)  

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