24 April 2016

Hogan is two months old!

Weight: 12 pounds 13 ounces
Height: 24 inches

Nicknames: Hogan, monkey junior, baby brother

Eating: He still nurses every two hours during the day and has JUST started stretching it to 2.5-3 the past few days.  At night he eats 2 times and sometimes 3.  If he gets by the first six months without eating a raisin or carrot from Winslow (yes, he tried to feed him a carrot this morning) we will be doing good! ;)

Sleeping: Sleep has gotten better but still not as good as his brother was.  They are two different babies though, so I can't compare them to each other.  He sleeps from 9-9:30 to 2:30-3am, nurses once, then awake around 5-5:30 to nurse again and then sometimes will wake up an hour later for a tiny snack before falling back asleep until 8 or so.  If little man would take a pacifier, I think I could cut out that pesky 6am wake up, but alas, he hates them.  We are still working on it though.  And before you ask, I've tried over 9 different brands of pacifiers so far.  No luck with any of them. haha.  As far as naps go, he loves napping on me in the wrap and will sleep a good while...if i lay him down, we are lucky to get 45 minutes at a time ;)  He takes 3-4 naps a day.
Diapers: He is in one size cloth diapers now and those will last him until he POTTY TRAINS!  I am so excited that we found cloth diapers with Winslow. I am using all the same ones and we don't have many leaks or blowouts at all.  When we traveled to Missouri, I did use disposables because we didn't have a way to wash them while gone so he is wearing a size one disposable right now.
Clothing: He is wearing 3 month clothes.  

Social:This past month has been big for Hogan! He coos every day, especially after nursing or in the morning.  He loves to smile at me while nursing which melts me (and gets milk all down my stomach) and he also LAUGHED for the first time while we were in Missouri! It was the cutest thing in the universe.  He also laughed for Seth two more times later, but hasn't done it again in about a week.  I have a feeling it's not too far off though because he smiles at his big brother pretty big these days.  He loves kicking his feet like crazy in the bathtub too.  
Likes: He loves being worn (and i am thankful for that as I chase around my active toddler), he loves bathtime, eating, and smiling.

Dislikes: carseat, carseat, carseat.  I told Seth we aren't going anywhere for the next six months until he grows out of this dislike.  LOL.  He screams almost every single time he's put in the car.  Talk about stressful.  He also hates being dirty or wet, and doesn't like being put to sleep sometimes.

What we're looking forward to: Let's see...finding our new normal with two kids at home.  Seth has had two months off and it was glorious, but I am looking forward to getting in the groove of things with two kids.  Hopefully it won't take us too long!  We also have a couple birthday parties to attend this month, and that's about it! Just laying low and enjoying the spring weather Florida is giving us.  

Look how you've changed already, little guy!

 And here is your brother at two months old!  See any similarities?

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  1. Aww he's so cute. Glad to hear he stole your heart.

    Which carrier or wrap do you use? I use a woven wrap.

    Thanks to you I'm also using cloth diapers. You were so enthusiastic that I researched it while pregnant. Didn't do cloth diapers for the first 2 months though. And always got disposables on hand just in case (travelling is one).