13 April 2016

a post just for my grandma and my aunt.

Dear Nanny and Aunt Neecie,

This post is for you.  I am glad you still follow my blog and because of you, I am updating it RIGHT NOW!  :)

Life with two is BUSY. BUSY. BUSY.  This little place has obviously seen better days, but I am going to try my best to keep it updated every now and then.  Not only for my family who is across the US to read it, but for my family as well. I want my kids to have their story on paper (or on the web) so they can read it one day.  So they will know what life was like when they were growing up. It's so much more than just posting a few photos here and there,  this is a place for me to document my day to day so that Winslow, Hogan, and our future kiddos will be able to get a glimpse of their life.  I do it for them. :)

Hogan is almost two months old.  Wow, time really does fly and the second child just makes it go so much faster.  I am trying my absolute best to remember and soak in each moment.  Like the first time he laughed!!!  Winslow didn't laugh until over 3 months old, but Hogan laughed for the first time at my Uncle Gary and my cousin Joe while we were in Missouri visiting family.  He has done it a couple times since then, and it literally makes me melt into a puddle.  He is sleeping a little better but still not great...i try to get a nap in if I can get both boys down for a nap at the same time.  I'll do a more detailed post on Hogan next week for his two month update.

Winslow is becoming such a big boy.  His vocabulary is expanding daily and some of my favorites are:

"Oh, sowwy!" if he runs into something or drops something on the floor.
"That's so cute!" when he holds up Hogan's clothes.
"Wow, that is HUGE!" when we blow bubbles outside and he sees a big bubble.
"Mommy, go over there!" when him and daddy are playing in his room and he doesn't want me in there.
"I watch youtube for a minute"
 "No daddy, no go back to work"  when Seth and I were talking about him going back on Monday (BOO!!! I think I may cry)

I have a million photos to upload, and a million things to cover so hopefully I'll get a few more posts in soon.

Enjoy the photos from our first Easter as a family of four!

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