23 December 2015

Faucet drinking and dog washing.

To say we are busy around here is a huge understatement.  My brother is in town for 3 weeks, I've been putting him to work around the house (him, my dad, and hubby put in a fence in the backyard last week!)  and he is going to be working on projects around the house for a few more days such as planking our living room ceiling, power washing the driveway, and laying down baseboards to name a few.  Don't worry, we went to the beach today and I have been feeding him well while he's here!

Also, Winslow has a new BFF.  Like, he LOVES his uncle G. The second he wakes up, he says "Uncle G play cars!"  and loves running and hiding from him.  It's so funny how much he loves him and it's super cute to see them play together.

We are having my brother, mom, and stepdad over for Christmas and then right after, my other brother and his girlfriend are staying the week here too! So much fun, I am so happy our kitchen is finished*.

*I say finished because although the cabinets and countertops are in, there is a small piece missing that was "lost" twice in shipment.  Let's just say I have NOT been happy with my cabinet provider, and I will be leaving them a not so hot review once the final item comes in.

Anyway, I am waiting to post before and after photos until the darn piece comes in, but I am SO in love with my new kitchen.  We got new appliances, granite counters, and beautiful Shaker style cabinets with oil rubbed bronze hardware.  Also, my FAVORITE part of the entire kitchen?  The 70/30 style undermount sink.  Oh my, I can fit so many dishes in there and it's perfect for giving millions of babies their baths.

 I keep telling myself I need to blog more, but being 32 weeks pregnant (oh yeah, i need to do an update soon!) when W naps, I usually find the time to do so myself.  Third trimester is exhausting me.  Hard to believe we have less than two months until baby brother joins our family!  We are so excited.

Since Uncle G has been here, W has learned two very important things:

1. How to drink from the water hose.
 2. And how to wash our dog.

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