08 October 2015

The truth about moving.

This will be our sixth move in our five years of marriage.

IT STINKS.  There is nothing awesome about the process of moving...except maybe getting rid of things you haven't used/worn/seen in a year.  Since we closed on our house, we have been up to our necks in projects.

Here's a few big ones we are tackling:

-Scraping the popcorn ceilings- hubby just finished this week.  It was not hard, but super time consuming.
- Priming and painting the entire house.  The owner before us liked dark colors on the walls.  Think: Navy blue and maroon.  NO. NO. NO.  not my style at all. So i've been priming and repainting.  This is no easy task for a pregnant momma with a two year old running around.  I have been painting every single day almost and finally have the living room, foyer, and hallway almost done.  It's no joke getting up and down when you have 10-15 extra baby pounds to lug around.  My back is hurting, my arms are sore...but we have a major deadling (Hello, we have to be OUT of our apartment by the end of the month) so I must go on.  And hiring professional painters is not in our budget.  BECAUSE
-NEW KITCHEN- yes.  I am getting to pick out my own new kitchen.  Which is SO fun! I decided on white cabinets because they were cheaper than gray and it's timeless.  It appeals to more buyers when we decide to sell in the future and I love white.  I did a shaker style cabinet and they have soft close doors. Get out.  Also, i picked out the granite for the countertops, the undermount sink and the old style farmhouse faucet.  I was going to do a farmhouse sink, but the cabinet lady talked me out of it, for reasons I'll share later.  The not so fun part? Handing over the check.  HA!
- ALL NEW FLOORS.  yes.  We tore up the carpet and laminate in the bedrooms and are tackling the hardwoods in the living area this weekend.  They are bowed up in almost the entire space and severely scratched so we decided to choose a flooring that we could put in the entire house to make it look all the same.  Will share what we chose later! I am having 3-4 contractors come out to give me quotes and that is keeping me insanely busy trying to be here and there and everywhere.  Ah, i am tired just thinking about it.
-New ceilings-  As mentioned earlier, hubby scraped all the popcorn off and we are having someone come out to texture the ceilings.  It not only adds value to your home, but it looks awesome and updated when it's done. Hopefully that will be completed next week.
-Repainting all the baseboards, doors, trim, and closet doors.  UGH.  by the time we move in, i will enver want to paint anything ever again.

those are just the BIG projects we have going on right now.  Add packing up our entire apt and the 12038 smaller projects to the mix..and you have a crazy pregnant lady ready to scream.

I will get through it, and it will all get done.  I hope.

I can't wait to document the whole process and show you too!! I took before photos and man, the after is going to look AMAZING.  if it all ever happens. haha.

So. I may be absent a bit these next couple weeks, but I will have my camera handy and promise to update you as much as I can.

Let me share a few inspiraction photos and paint colors we have chosen so far!

So the cabinets you see below are the same ones we have on order. They are shaker style and I just love the white.  I am planning on getting oil rubbed bronze pulls and faucet.  I also used this same photo to pick my granite.  It's called Kashmir White and is so pretty.  It will look awesome with the gray paint color we chose for the main areas.  

We chose collonde gray by Sherwin Williams as our main paint color. I love it. It doesn't really have any blue or green in it, so it is the perfect gray.


What's a house project without spilled paint?  I couldn't even blame my toddler, since he was in the other room.

So I will be back to update you on our progress,  say a prayer that I dont turn into a nutcase before the end of the month!


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