13 October 2015

Bump Date

Here's a small bumpdate for yall! I feel like I haven't talked much about this pregnancy at all!  I should update more.


how far along? 21 weeks 6 days
how are you measuring? Right on schedule
size of baby? A papaya!
heartbeat? 148 bpm
total weight gain/loss? I think I've gained around 8 pounds.
maternity clothes? Oh yes! 
stretch marks? No new ones.
sleep? I've been sleeping pretty well. I still miss sleeping on my stomach, but I've gotten used to it. The first trimester I slept horrible, and I'm finally sleeping better now.
best moment this week?  Rocking Winslow to sleep, working on the house renovations, and my dad and stepmom are coming to visit this weekend!
movement? All day long. I LOVE IT!  I love feeling little baby kick.  It never gets old. Such a miracle.
food cravings? Chocolate milk. EVERY morning.  and any breakfast food.  Sausage burritos have been pretty awesome lately.
gender predictions? A boy!
what i miss: Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches, bending over easily, picking up Winslow easily.
what i'm looking forward to: MOVING into our new house.  Two more weeks.  We still have to paint, put down tile, and get a new kitchen. ha.
how are you feeling? Feeling pretty good.  I've been sicker for a lot longer this pregnancy and JUST got off my prescription meds a couple days ago for nausea.  I hope it's gone for good.  

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