21 September 2015

Our trip to North Carolina!

Only over a week behind on this blog post, but I just haven't had the "want to" to edit photos and blog as of lately.  We got back from our NC trip last week, and then have been pretty busy since then.  This week is looking like it'll be slower, so that is appreciated.

Here's a lot of photos from our trip! I hope you enjoy!

We started off the week with a belated birthday celebration for Winslow.  Just family came over, but we had cake, presents, and lots of good food!
 Had to get a family photo in there, with the pups.
He got a tricycle from Grammy and Papi, and he LOVES that thing. He doesn't use the pedals much, but just runs his feet on the floor and can sure zoom by me!

 We had a couple play dates with friends!

 And we also made a trip to the Raleigh children's museum. So fun and only $5!  Ours here in Tampa is like $18! Sheesh.  He loved everything about it and would have stayed all day.

 Then, the rest of the week was spent outside mostly...it wasn't 98 degrees like it is here. 

We had a great visit!

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