04 September 2015


It is Friday.  YAY!!!!!

We are gearing up to head out of town to NC to visit family.  And we are driving.  So pray for me.  Ten plus hours in the car with a husband, a babe, and a 80 pound dog. #timeforaminivanplease

Can't wait to see our family though and we will spend the entire next week there.  Maybe I'll get to sleep late once?  ;)

This morning I had my 16 weeks doctor appointment and everything looked perfect! I always get hesitant during my appointment because of my previous loss, but thankfully the Lord is taking care of us so far. 

I don't want to dirty up the dishes right before we leave so I think it's time for a Chick-fil-a dinner, yes?  Plus, they have salads so I may try to eat healthy.  But with a side of fries of course. ;)

Winslow is so fun these days.   He is starting to talk more (I was a LATE talker, so I think he gets it from me) but some of my favorites are:

-Every time he sees a police car or ambulance, he makes a siren sound really loud.  He's been doing this for a while, but it's so cute. 

-He has a newfound love for elevators.  We take one up to daddy's office and at the mall and he LOVES jumping up and down when it rises and falls. 

-  He has started calling me and Seth "momeeee and daddyyyy" instead of "mama and dada".  It's so cute becuase he draws out the E sound really long.

-Obsessed with cowboy boots.  He will wear them every day if I would let him.  It's so cute and I think Grandpa is sending him a brand new pair as a late birthday gift soon! 

- Still my little boy and gives me cuddles and kisses all day.  Oh man, this boy is PRECIOUS.

Happy Friday!  Next time I update, I'll be in the Old North State!

Oh yeah,  I almost forgot to show you a new makeover that my 2 year old did on himself.  He's a beauty, isn't he?

Silence is golden, unless you have a toddler.

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  1. Kaitlin-what type of camera/camera lens do you use? Your pictures are always such good quality!