15 September 2015

Dreaming of Fall weather...

Who cares if it's 94 outside...I am all decorated for my FAVORITE season! Fall.  I love it.

Maybe I'll just turn my air down to 60 and pretend like I won't be sweating two seconds after I walk out the door...  it's kind of depressing that I can't enjoy a PSL right now, but then again,  I love wearing shorts in January. 

Here's a peak of our fall home.  I only have a small are to decorate and since we are moving soon, I didn't want to go completely crazy.  But once we get into our new place, consider it done. 

Source List:

Farmhouse Table: Built by me and my grandpa
White Chairs: Thrifted and painted by me
Galvanized Bucket: IKEA
Glass Pumpkins on table: Dollar Tree
Canvases: DIYed by me
Literally everything else on the two shelves: HomeGoods or Marshalls :)

I can't wait until it gets a little cooler here...which will be in like December...

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