28 September 2015

Bye weekend.

Another weekend in the books.  They always seem to go by so fast.  If you would have asked me about weekends a year and a half ago, i would tell you I hate them.  That's when Seth had to work the most..he was a supervisor at Polo Ralph Lauren retail store and never got many weekends off.  It was no fun, so I am very thankful our move to Florida has allowed for him to be off every single weekend.  We can spend the mornings cuddling and then go to church together on Sunday.  Ahh, it's so wonderful.

Soo...in two days we close on our first Florida home!  Yep! I've not talked about it much because I wanted to make sure the loan went through and all that, but it's official on Wednesday! I am SO excited to have our own backyard and a cul-de-sac to let Winslow run around on.

The best part?

It needs a mini-overhaul.  As in, new kitchen, floors, fence outside, paint throughout...my DIY dream.  So yep, I have 234789 projects to do in the coming months..and oh yeah, have a baby in between!  We are so excited for our little Florida home and it's even better that it's 15 minutes to the beach.  We are spoiled.

So the first thing on the list to do is new cabinets and countertops!  We have a small kitchen and it's bascially a galley style so the good news about that is smaller kitchen means less money to update it.

Here's a few inspiration photos:

Gray. that's all i can say about that.  i LOVE white kitchens, but this is just LOVE for me.

Pair those cabinets with white subway tile, a farmhouse sink, maybe a couple glass front cabinets or open shelving.  Oh yes.  This is good.  very good.

So the day we close, we are high tailing it up to Lowes and Home Depot to get quotes on the costs and such.

oh yeah, we are also painting throughout, maybe new flooring, and scraping popcorn ceilings.  Lots of stuff and I will be updating and showing y'all throughout the whole process!

Let's take a poll:  Do you like the gray kitchens or are you a white kitchen kind of person?  Or maybe darker cabinets suit you?


  1. LOVE the grey cabinets! I would have loved to have done them in my kitchen but i don't think my husband would have gone for them.

  2. I love the gray (grey?). My husband and I want to paint our master bath cabinets and have considered gray but lately I've fallen in love with navy/admiral blue. It makes the white tiles and white counters pop. Go for it! And post a "how to paint cabinets" tutorial.