20 August 2015

Winslow's Second Birthday

Being the sappy sentimental person that I am, I took a few photos of his "last night as a one year old" during bathtime and bedtime.  One day he will thank me for the bazillion photos I have of him...or maybe his future wife will.  :) Now, let's hope I can keep this up with baby #2.
 Those chubby little cheeks...oh my, I need to have babies forever so I'll never miss this.

 And just like that, he woke up a 2 year old! We blew up balloons because he LOVES them and had them waiting when he walked out of his room.  He said "BA BA!!"  like 80 times...which mean "balloon" and a slew of other things.

 Then, our tradition is to have birthday donuts every year.  He ate 1.5 and I'm sure he would've gladly had more if momma didn't cut him off.  Here he is last year on his first birthday.

 And here's his second birthday!

 We didn't have a party this year but I did make him a cake with his favorite things: TRUCKS/CARS/TRACTORS/EXCAVATORS....  he is obsessed.  I found the idea on Pinterest, of course and tweaked it a little.  Turned out pretty cute!

And after presents and a belly full of sugar, we sent him to bed!  What a special little boy he is and we are so lucky to be his mommy and daddy! 

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