18 August 2015

Winslow is TWO!

My my my...

cue the tears.

My little man is TWO years old!

I seriously cannot believe how fast time flies by with a toddler.  He is always going, going, going, and such a curious and bright little boy.  I'm not going to make this a sappy post because I'm sure I will be crying enough today so let's take a look at my favorite things about our two year old!

1. Every day when daddy gets home from work, he says "shoes!" and helps take them off.  This literally happens every single day.

2. He is such a sweet tender hearted boy and comes up to me for cuddles and kisses randomly throughout the day.

3. He loves chick fil a which is where we are treating him for dinner tonight-complete with ice cream and cake :)

4.  Wears a size 7-7.5 shoe and 2T clothes

5. He loves reading.  He's always been like this and reads 20-30 books a day!

6. He has such an adventurous spirit. Always climbing, always exploring.

7. Loves smiling and saying hey to everyone.  He also waves at cars when we cross the road and says "thank you!"

8. Still loves Darla so much.  Sometimes I have to give him a bath during the day because he hugs on her so much and smells like DOG.

9.  Loves all things cars,trucks, tractors.

10. Bubbles and balloons are his favorite things to look for at the store. He will say "baboo" the entire time we are shopping.

We are so blessed to have this little boy in our lives. I cannot imagine my life without him and he is such a joy to us.

We love you so much, Winslow and you are going to be the best big brother in a few months!


Mommy and Daddy

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