14 August 2015

who are you again?

wait...i'm back?  Am i really writing another blog post after being gone for what seems like 234098 years?

YES!  I have been gone.  but for good reason.

We are expecting!  Oh my gosh, and we are so thrilled.  This has been a prayer of ours for over a year now and after a very sad loss, we are looking forward to welcoming our rainbow baby into our arms come February.  If you'd like to watch this short announcement video, here it is!

So why the absence?

Let's see...pregnancy and I do NOT get along in the first trimester.   I HATE being pregnant from weeks 0-14...

sickness, no sleep, fatigue, food aversions to anything but bread, smell aversions to EVERYTHING, sore muscles, fast heart rate, excessive sweating, sickness....throwing up all day..every day..every night.

 yep, sounds awesome, right?

I am one of the lucky ladies who get the privilege of being dog sick all the time.

and with an almost two year old.....yeah, it's TOUGH.

i have spent a lot of time on the couch and W has spent more time on the ipad :(  But i'm not beating myself up about it because I am doing the best I can and he's fed most days.  ;)

Now for the FAQ:

How far along?  I am 13+2 weeks.  So baby is due Feb 18, 2016.  Him and W will be exactly 2.5 years apart.

Gender guesses?   We are so excited to share that this little babe is another BOY!!! :)  I did a panarama blood test that extracts the fetal DNA from the mother's blood to tell the gender.  It also screens for genetic disorders and such but that's how we found out so early. If you are pregnant and like to look into this test, here is some information.  Most insurance policies do not cover it unless the mother is over 35 years old, but mine did for some reason.

Bump?  oh yeah. it's there and it's growing. I started showing around 12 weeks and that's way earlier than I was with W.  I will post a photo soon.  And sadly, I haven't done any updates like I did with W but I will try to do a monthly update this go round.

Differences vs. similarities in both pregnancies?  With Winslow, I was VERY sick, with my 2nd pregnancy, I was even sicker than my first time, and with this one, I have been sick but not as bad.  I believe it's because I'm on medicine to help with nausea-I've been trying to slowly get off of it by reducing the amount of pills I take per day.  I haven't craved sour candy like I did with Winslow but I have *NEEDED* a taco bell fix once or twice.  Also this pregnancy, I must have a glass of chocolate milk upon waking up or else.  I've had one every single day since I was around 7 weeks.  Sad news for me, I am already not sleeping well.  I am up 12-15 times a night just restless. This didn't happen with Winslow until I was around 30 weeks.

Lots to update and I will be back for good now...no worries. I am feeling better for the most part.  I have been taken prescription nausea meds that are helping a lot and don't plan on getting off those for another two weeks or so.  My smell aversion is still there (hubby had to switch to women's bodywash and deodorant and the DOG makes me gag so much) but hopefully that will subside soon.  I have lots to share about baby #2 and I can't wait to fill you in. God is in the details, y'all.  It's AWESOME and i can't wait to sit down at naptime and share my heart.


  1. I am soo so excited for y'all! I love/hate hearing about how you've been feeling because we're just 5 days apart. I'm SO sorry you've been so sick! That just sounds miserable. I've been sick, but not throwing up sooo I can't complain at all... I have the smell aversions that's for sure! We moved into our new apartment the week I was supposed to start my period and I still feel like I'm going to barf everytime I walk in-the lady before us must have been a major smoker and had two dogs... She moved to a different apartment in our complex and I got to meet her. It's just like, unbearable. And although I already knew before that Nathan had a distinct scent to him (just like I'm sure I do), I can REALLY tell now...Haha, poor guy. I'm constantly asking him to shower before bed and brush his teeth as incessantly as I do (he does take care of himself!! Poor guy can't defend himself...)! Anyways, one thing I don't have to do yet is take care of another tiny human like you're having to do. I tell my Mom all the time, "HOW will I do this AND take care of a child?!" She just laughs and says that God gives you the grace to get through it when you get to it. I sure pray that's the case on round two!

    Well, I hope you get to feeling better really soon!! Can't wait to hear more updates!

  2. Yay congrats, so happy for you guys.

    Sorry you're feeling so sick, hope it gets better soon.

    My baby girls now just over 2 months old.

  3. Congratulations!!! I've missed reading your posts and I had a gut feeling you were expecting. So glad your prayers were answered! I look forward to reading more from the Jones'!!!

  4. So very excited for you and your family! I have been praying so much for y'all. God is good!

  5. Congratulations!!!! Such great news. I've missed your posts and suspected something was up. Can't wait for baby updates.