02 June 2015

Key West!

We spent my birthday weekend in Key West with my mom and stepdad- it was a very fun weekend...there is never shortage of things to do in KW and we had a ball.

They are retired and living in their RV..traveling the USA with their weeny dog, Rosie. 

Meanwhile back home,  Winslow is becoming instistent on the strangest things....pool floaties over his jammies, monkey hats, and having long conversations with himself in the dryer. 

We are SUPER duper busy this month...Heading to Texas this weekened, NC next weekend, and Key West again at the end of the month.  Then in July, my sis LOGAN is coming to visit.   oh yeah, we are also looking at buying a house...sheesh.  So yeah, we are staying busy over here.  

Also, it's hot.  


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