18 June 2015

22 months!

Stopping in for a quick minute to say "HI! I'm still here!"  The month of June is absolutely INSANE...we've been to Key West, Texas and North Carolina already...and now will be heading back to Key West next weekend with our BFFs from college!!  I will do a post on Texas and NC soon, but I had to stop in and share with y'all that my little monkey is TWENTY TWO months old.


 i cannot handle this growing up business.

soon he will turn two and this is not good.  No more babie-ness. 

Quick, someone tell me how to keep him little!

Or wait...maybe I just need to have babies forever.  Let me get on that.

would you just look at the farmer's tan..those skinned knees..bruises...goodness gracious, he is all boy.

A little update about this little guy:

1. Is a great eater.  He eats a LOT and loves most things...his favorites right now are cheese, breakfast bars, black beans, and watermelon.  He doesn't like green beans.

2. He had his first GOAT burger while in Texas.  Yes...true story.  and it was pretty good!

3.  He loves Darla even more than ever.  He will go and hug on her for over 4-5 minutes at a time.

4.  He loves nodding yes and no to everything now.  He still isn't that big of a talker, but we will get there.

5.  He still loves talking to anyone that walks by him.  And he loves waving to them.

6. He also likes to burp on purpose..oh lord.

Love this monkey so much!

Be back soon! 

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