27 May 2015

7 things.

1. I am getting pretty bad at updating this.  I feel like lately I've just been boring.  Hopefully I'll get the itch again to write more but during W's naptime, I've been exhausted so I just relax and maybe take a 20 minute nap before knocking out emails/straightening up/prepping for dinner.

2.  This next week has lot of fun in store! Our 5 year anniversary is coming up, as well as my birthday! We are making a trip down to Key West for the weekend to see my mom and stepdad and so we plan on being beach bums while the grandparents chase after the little man.

3.  Florida life is sweet.  I love it here.   We are getting involved in our church and making friends which is such an answered prayer.  Being at home all day gets lonely so I am glad to make some new mommy friends.  Oh yeah, and the weather...besides it being over 80 at 7am, i do not miss cold weather. I haven't worn jeans since moving here really and we make a trip to the beach every single weekend.  Winslow is becoming quite the surfer baby.

4.  I am in the middle of like 7 books. Why can't I read one at a time?  Some on my list are:  "The Strong Willed Child" by James Dobson, "The Life Changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo, "I will Carry you" by Angie Smith, "The Best Yes" by Lisa TerKeurst.

5.  I need to think about potty training this little monkey...but then that means I have to quit buying cute diapers...and that means I have to mop every day from pee not reaching the toilet.  Maybe I'll wait a little longer ;)

6.  I got a new planner here  and it's pretty much amazing.  I LOVE it.

7.  We are starting the process of looking at houses...and i hate/love it.  Why can't one in our price range, with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with a big kitchen and a big yard and a nice laundry room and a bonus room and maybe a nice pool be for sale in this one neighborhood that we want in our price range ?  Is that asking too much?  #duh

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