08 April 2015

W's new playroom!

Finally! Our 3rd bedroom is not stacked to the ceiling with boxes!  When Seth made plans for us to have company a LONG time ago, I knew it was time to get rid of the JUNK overtaking our spare bedroom.  This room was the catch all room until just recently.  When we moved in, we threw everything we didn't have room for in here.  and it was quite a bit of stuff. 

We moved from a 2200 square foot home to just under 1200.  Yeah, it was hard. Especially when "hoarding" runs in my family ;)  Let's just say I have a use for everything and yes, I did pull a rocking chair out of my neighbors trash last week to repaint. 

Since taking these photos, it has changed a little, but it's never going to be this clean again because it's Winslow's favorite room in the house and he feels the need to take EVERYTHING out of each cubby almost daily. So glad I can shut the door sometimes and forget about the mess)

Sadly, I looked through millions of photos to find a before pic...and could not find one even though I knew there were some taken. Oh well...just picture furniture, boxes, toys, and anything else you can think of stacked to the ceiling.  No really. 

 Yes, those are all of my cloth diapers on the top row.  And yes, I baby them.  yes, I have too many.  any more questions? 
 We didn't have anywhere to put this buffet, so I just filled it with toys.  :)  Well, the inside still has dishes and serving pieces.

 The rainbow arrows and the camping/fox fabrics are my Tulas.  If you have a child and don't know what a Tula baby carrier is, look it up.  You're welcome.

 Table was plain wood that I painted orange and green.  From IKEA for only $20.  Winslow LOVES it. 

Pretty much live in here now.  We love it.  And since it's a small room (like 10X10) it's perfect for W. 

Source List:

Cubbies and rug are from IKEA.

Such a bright and fun little place to play!

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