14 April 2015

Stitch Fix #12

My year anniversary with Stitch Fix was this month! Whoo Hoo.  I can't believe it's been that long.  I still get so excited when I see that box on my front porch.  Here's my 12th box!

What is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist-  
You create an online profile.
You get five hand picked items.
Keep what you love, send back what you don't..
You sign up here and pay $20 a month to have someone pick out five pieces of clothing for you that gets mailed to your door!  The bonus is if you keep any items, you get to put the $20 styling fee towards your clothing.  
You can pick your price points (I chose "The cheapest option" and then they'll send you items for you to try on at home, and you return them in three days(in a prepaid envelope).  If you like all the items, you can get  25% your whole order!

Daniel Rainn Nelly Embroidered V Neck Top

This was a very pretty top and I love the embroidered "tribal" look it has.  However it was a little too big for me and for almost $70, I didn't want to spend that on a white top.  RETURNED

Fun2Fun Sonoma Striped Sleeveless Top

This was a fun top. The back is longer than the front, and this "nautical" look is very in this summer.  I usually never pick out red for myself and since SF has always pushed my fashion limits, I decided to keep this one.  KEPT
Gilli Mitchel Maxi Dress

This dress was very comfortable and SOFT. The back had a criss cross "cut out" type thing that was very cute too!  I have no doubts that I would wear this often but I did not keep it just because I would have rather had a more colorful maxi.  RETURNED

Market and Spruce Lana Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse

I love lace. I also love black and white. So this was a win for me.  It was a little flowy, but I decided to make it work. KEPT :)

Dear John Lillie Short

See above^^  I am wearing those shorts with all of my tops.  I was not a fan.  WAY too big for me.  Like 2 sizes at least.  And honestly, the $20 Target ones I have work just as well. ;)  RETURNED

And there you have it! My 12th box.  I was happy with this one, but wished for more color.  For my next one, I asked for lots of feminine pieces and lots of color! Let's hope my awesome Stylist delivers!

Want to join the fun?  Click here!  You can sign up and I will get a small credit towards my next box!

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