16 April 2015

just some thoughts.

Just a few thoughts for this lovely Thursday morning.

Florida life is great.  We love it. The weather (although I am already complaining about the heat and it's only April), the fun outdoor activities, the beach being 20 minutes away... it's awesome.  We see the beach at least once a week and there are tons of parks and splash pads for Winslow to enjoy. 

 We bought a bike trailer for Winslow to ride in and I was so excited.  The not-so-exciting part was the burn my thighs felt after just a couple miles #haventriddenabikeinyears #outofshape

Winslow loves playing peek a boo through his legs.  Cutest.thing.ever. 

And lastly, I present the toddler selfies.  I think he has a bright future as a photographer.  

The weekend is coming and we are planning a trip to a local state park to take a boat ride on some river that is supposed to have lots of gators...sounds fun, huh?

Happy Thursday, friends!



  1. Fun times :). The weather is always a good subject to complain about. Too hot, too cold, too windy or rainy.

    Whsubier are you using (first pic)?


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  3. I see that my phone has made a mess of my message.

    I'm wondering what kind of carrier are you using in the first pic? I'm going to use a wrap for my baby, but a carrier makes so much more sense once they can walk.

    1. This is a TULA baby carrier. Very good investment. We have one for when he was smaller and this is a toddler size. He loves it. Also, they make wraps and ring slings too! Check them out. Tulababycarriers.com :)