14 March 2015

Things I don't want to forget...

Since I don't do monthly updates anymore about our little crazy man, I have decided to do posts every now and then about things that W does that I never want to forget. 

Like how he climbs on the kitchen table EVERY day.  He is so proud of himself when he gets up there...but gets real mad when I say "No sir" and set him down. 

Or when I'll say "Laugh Winslow!" and he will throw his head back and do this fake laugh.  It's so cute.  He does it to strangers too when we are walking by them in Target or if we are eating dinner at Chick-fil-a. 

He also scrunches his nose like this when I say "smell the flowers".  This is also his "I am being a goofball" face.

When he sees a slice of cheese he will say "CHHHHHHHH"  over and over and will sign "more" to get a bite.

He will not let me take a photo with him.  As soon as I pick him up, he turns into a wet cat and wants down.  Yeah, he will NOT sit still. His little mind races every second of the day.  What can he get in to next.

This picture was taken right after I had spun him around three times really quick to make him smile. ha! 

He is now a big cuddle bug.  It is heaven.  He lays all over us in the morning and will lay his head on us and give us kisses.  <3 p="">
In the morning, he will sit up in his crib and lay there saying "da da da" or "mama" until I come and get him.  Then when he sees me, he runs around in laps in his crib. 

He hates getting his teeth brushed. sigh.

We just taught him how to give eskimo kisses.  Oh my.  It's pretty much the cutest sight you'll ever see.

When he steps up on a curb or a stair, he will make this big "grunt" that is exageratted a lot.  Or if he sits down he does the same thing.

At our weekly playdate, if you want a snack, you have to sit on the designated black mat to eat it.  So Winslow will run up to the animal cracker tub, point and sign "more" and then run and sit on the black mat.  All without me telling him.  Oh so cute.

He also loves Elmo and anytime he sees him he will say "bababababa".  We are working on the EL-MO word.

Man i wish I could recall them all, because there are a million little things that I love about this boy.  but those will do for now. :) 

He is the light of my life. 

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  1. So sweet - and I LOVE your new blog design! So cute!!!