27 March 2015

Stitch Fix #11

You tired of another Stitch Fix post?  Ha, I have another fix coming next week, so I hope not!  I also have been pre-scheduling my posts, so I bet you'll be seeing more from me now.  Does that make you happy!? ;)   I used to be good at time management, but once a kid came around....naptime means Binge Watching Netflix, cleaning, or just collapsing on the couch. 

What is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist-  
You create an online profile.
You get five hand picked items.
Keep what you love, send back what you don't..
You sign up here and pay $20 a month to have someone pick out five pieces of clothing for you that gets mailed to your door!  The bonus is if you keep any items, you get to put the $20 styling fee towards your clothing.  
You can pick your price points (I chose "The cheapest option" and then they'll send you items for you to try on at home, and you return them in three days(in a prepaid envelope).  If you like all the items, you can get  25% your whole order!

Here's what I got in my 11th box!

1.  Lizza Split Neck Blouse by Creative Commune

I actually requested one very similar to this except it had turquoise trim.  This one was super duper cute and I was SO close to keeping it.  It was a tiny bit too big for me and after consulting my mom, my cousin, and hubby...i didn't keep it.  My stylist reccomended I wear this with Chuck Taylor's, which would have been super cute.  But oh well.  RETURNED

2. McCarthy Cutout Detail Blouse by Pixley

This top was also LOVE for me.  The color, the matierial, the detail.  I love everything about it.  But...for some reason I sent it back. ha, don't you love it when you kind of wish you hadn't returned something?  Or is that just me that will have a full cart of clothes/shoes/etc and then talk myself out of every single item...

Anyway, the reason I didn't keep this is because 1)It was just a plain color 2) I would have to wear a strapless bra every single time.  #aintnobodygottimeforthat
I hate wearing strapless bras.  So there.   RETURNED

3. Floria Split Back Knit Top by Papermoon

Hubby loved this top.  Me, not so much.  I don't care for split back pieces and the fabric was that really soft stuff that will get pulls easily. (I don't know the exact name for it). So this was definately not my favorite.  RETURNED

4.Llana Polka Dot Dress by Leota

Loved this pattern.  I am a complete sucker for polka dots.  I also loved the color.  I did not, however, love the fabric.  It was pretty clingy, as you can see my backfat in the last photo. haha!  And I didn't like feeling like I had to suck in 24/7 because of my baby pooch.  Have i mentioned how much your body changes after you birth a child?  Worth it though :)  RETURNED

5. Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit and Flare Dress by Brixon Ivy

 Now this.  This dress was instant love.  It's textured, which is a plus.  It's blue, which is my favorite color to wear.  It's a fit and flare which makes me want to twirl around (see photo above), and it's SUPER comfy to wear out and about with my wild monkey child.  I wore it to church last week and got a few compliments on it! You can also dress it down with a jean jacket (Perhaps the same one I've had since 9th grade? Sure!)  So I bet you can guess that this one went in my closet. KEPT

See anything you loved? Want to sign up?  If you click here and sign up under my name, I'll get a small credit towards my next fix.  Thanks for buying me clothes!  

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