30 March 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

Would you look at that chubby little bunny?!?!  Oh my goodness, it makes my heart hurt with how big he has gotten since then. 

Let's fast forward one year from then...19 months old, rambunctious, ALWAYS on the go toddler.  Do you think he wil wear bunny ears and smile for the camera?

In my dreams.

So here's this years' Easter photos...we went to an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and it was the coldest day of the year! Like 60 degrees! We even had to wear long sleeves.  Hashtag life is tough in Florida.

Cutest boy ever. 

He was more interested in the playground than really hunting the eggs.  I mean, why would you put an Easter Egg Hunt inside a playground?  Just my two cents.  Also, the little 5 year old girls kept stealing eggs from his basket.  Mama Bear almost had to speak up.

 Ain't nobody take eggs from my baby.

And yes, I ate all his Easter candy.  For what it's worth, it was hard candy that he can't have yet. ;)

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