26 January 2015

Sick sick sick

Well...we are back from Texas and although it was wonderful and great and loads of fun, we are both SICK.  Winslow got a bad head cold/ cough/congestion last week and it's still holding on. 

A few days later, it's hit me hard. I feel like I am underwater most of the day, and I've coughed so much my chest feels like it could explode.  I don't sleep a wink at night due to coughing, and I have gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex since we've been home. 

I promise to update you on our Texas adventures, and I have another post about Stitch Fix too! But first, I am focusing my time and energy on getting our household WELL.  *And praying that daddy doesn't get sick*

Just thought I'd stop in to let you know that I have not fallen off the earth.  While in Texas, my dad has bad internet service so I couldn't update there and W was too busy playing with the goats anyway. ;)

More coming soon..I promise!

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