07 January 2015

Our trip to Park City, Utah.

Two days after Christmas, we flew to Park City, Utah for a week of snow skiing with my mom and stepdad, my stepbrother and two brothers.  I haven't skiied in over ten years so naturally, I was hesitant to hit the slopes again.  Thankfully, I had a blast and it was not hard to get in the groove again.  We had three full days of skiing, and the other two days we relaxed in the heat of our cozy house.  It was negative temps outside and I was not about to take the babe out there.  I've never been in such cold weather.  When we would ski in CO, it was in the teens and single digits, but never negative digits.  Sheesh.  I don't see how Utah peeps live in that weather.  

Enjoy the photo overload!

 Naturally, Winslow was the center of attention.

 And remind me again, why I am flying with a toddler again in  a week?  He didn't sleep a second on the plane, and instead wanted down the whole entire time. UGH. But he sure did have a blast walking on the electric sidewalks.

 It was my mom's birthday so we went to dinner and celebrated!  W could not hang with the big kids.

 Ha, this photo was taken with my self timer on the phone...i didn't quite make it.

Look at this snow bunny!  These were taken about a year apart. Ha! He doesn't care for the snow...

I love the snow, but was glad to return to 86 degree weather.  And yes, we hit the pool the very next day.

I never thought I'd get to swim outside in January. <3 br="">

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