03 December 2014

W's Christmas list

When Winslow went and visited Santa, this is what he said he wanted.  ;)

By the way..Santa was not a hit this year....maybe next year, right?  (But probably not!)

W's Christmas list

1. Eric Carle pajamas from Gymboree-  I have been eyeing these for MONTHS and on black friday they went on sale for $10.  Heck yeah!!  I got the fox (go figure) and the lions.  We love Eric Carle over here.

2. Mega Blocks- Santa is bringing him a LOT of mega blocks that I found for $7 at Goodwill.  I sanitized them in the bathtub and there is really a big TUB full.  Yay, more to step on.  

3. Aiden and Anias dream blanket- this is the softest blanket in the universe. Made from bamboo.  Love A+A.

4. Nike tennies-  because what's cuter than a baby in some Nikes?

5. Tonka truck-  found a big old truck at Goodwill fro $2.99.  It's BIG and W loved it when we saw it. 

6. That's not my fox book.  He loves touch and feel books and I love foxes.  WIN WIN.

7. Fox Smart Bottoms cloth diapers.  No explanation needed.  I can't ever have enough diapers.

8. Kidcraft kitchen- this is the BIG santa gift this year.  All wood and this momma is SO excited to see W's face on Christmas when he see this!  It was half off on Amazon on black friday.  Uncle Joshua is getting him some pots and pans and food.  

9. Bubble maker mower-  i believe his grandparents are getting him this. He loves bubbles and loves pushing things all over the room.  

10.  Land of Nod chair-  Grandpa is getting him this and he will love watching nursery rhymes and cuddling with his dream blanket.

We stuck to a budget for his christmas and I am so glad we did.  Otherwise it would be so easy to spend a million dollars on this child.  It also helps that Goodwill has such great toys for great prices. 

Also, let it be known that I did NOT venture out on black friday to get these deals. I shopped in the comfort of my own home online.  Thank you Jesus.

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