02 December 2014

Thanksgiving in the sunshine state.

This year Thanksgiving was a little different. 

We had a 30 pound turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn casserole, sweet potatos, and all the other fixins. 


we went to the beach and ate pizza on the water.

oh yes, we did.  We didn't have any family coming in nor did I want to cook a huge meal just for us three...so we did takeout and spend it on the water.  It was such a relaxed and beautiful day.  Although I did miss the turkey coma and the sweet potato casserole.  But I've decided we will have that for Christmas lunch, so that makes up for it.

It's been abosluteley gorgeous weather and it's hard to believe December is here.  It's 78 degrees today...no wonder all the "snow birds" come here for winter.  I guess I would too if I was retired and didn't want to shovel snow all day.

We have a busy next couple of months ahead!  A couple days after Christmas, we are heading to Park City, Utah for some snow skiing! Then in January, W and I are heading to TEXAS and in February we are making a trip up to NC!

Lots of traveling, but it's so worth it to be with family.  Living in Florida where family is no where near, I am so excited to be visiting everyone.

We are now gearing up for Christmas, Our tree is up, stockings are hung, and presents are being wrapped!  To come:  W's Christmas wishlist and maybe one for momma! ;)


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