03 November 2014

Oh, Monday.

Daylight savings time.  If you would have asked me two years ago what my favorite day of the year was, I would have said Daylight Savings Time Day. ha!  But now with a child...NO WAY JOSE.  W got up before 6am and it was not.fun.  Too bad babies don't get the memo to sleep in.  Oh well...

Right now, hubby's parents are visiting!  We are enjoying their company and are spoiling this baby rotten.  Winslow sure loves his grammy and big papi.  It's so sweet to watch them interact.  <3 p="">
I'll give a more formal update in a few days, but we are just enjoying time with them as we don't get to see them near enough anymore. 

Here's a few pictures from the past couple days:

This boy is too cute for words.  

 Now get this:  We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and a local candle shop was giving customers with the name "Kaitlyn" HALF OFF all their candles! I was soooo pumped.  They smell heavenly too. 

 This boy is into.everything.
 Hey hotty.

One more day to soak up the cuddles and spoiling! 

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