14 November 2014


I just gave myself an Amen for friday.  Can I get another Amen?

I am patiently waiting for Mr. W to awake from his nap so we can go rambling.  I believe a trip to Hobby Lobby is in store for us.  He requested it, and so I obliged. ;)

Here's Five on Friday....

1. One of our new favorite spots in Sarasota is Circus Park. I cannot wait until munchkin is a year older and he can play on the BIG playground.  He LOVES it already and is a wild man running around the place.
 2. Thrifting-  like he needs anymore clothes.  But at $1 each, I can't pass it up.  I mean, I found a Polo Ralph Lauren quilted jacket for him and some babygap skinnies.  Come on now.
3. This shirt from 122kids on Etsy.  Had to get it.  This is MY BOY to a T.

 4.  Daddy being home in the evenings.  It's such a BLESSING to have Seth home every single night. He gets to read, do bathtime, rock the babe...it's wonderful.  And I can actually get dinner ready without a wild child climbing on the coffee table. Yep, that's happening now.
 5. The weather.  It's still 80 degrees here.  And although I do miss a pumpkin spice latte and scarfs...i am loving wearing shorts every single day.   And hello, our pool is heated year round.  YES please.

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