30 September 2014

We are boring.

I'm getting pretty slack on this little blog, aren't I? That's not good either, considering we now live 12+ hours away from ALL family.  :(  And plus, one of these days Winslow is going to sit quietly on the couch when he's 10 years old reading about his life when he was 1..right?  

We're slowly getting the hang of our new town and such.  It's a lot different than NC for sure..the weather is still 90 degrees, no sign of fall, and rain every single day for the past week.  That's okay, but I'd like the sun to come out soon.  And fall weather would be nice..but that's what you get when you live in south Florida. 

Hubby is now on week 2 of his job and loving it.  He LOVES it.  Which is awesome.  And I am LOVING being a stay at home mom.  Although we are looking for ways to get involved with other babies and mommies so hopefully that will come soon.  We've been trying out new churches in the area and sending Winslow to the nursery which he LOVES.  One of the workers last week told us that Winslow is a genius and so smart because he just figures things out.  It made us puff up like a fish, as my nanny would say.  We were so proud. 

This little boy is becoming smarter by the day.  He really is.  13 months is such a FUN age.  He can now say Darla, daddy, mommy, bye, hi, ball, and i promise i thought he said Elmo earlier..but he wouldn't say it again. 

He NEVER and I mean NEVER sits still when he's awake.  His favorite thing to do now is grab a book, come up to me and lift his hands up to get on my lap.  Pretty much the sweetest thing ever. He also loves toting around his daddy's tennis raquets and throwing his food on the floor for Darla to eat.  Not cool, little man, not cool.  He loves doing it though.

He's still taking two naps and they are 1.5 hours long.  The second nap sometimes is shorter, around 1 hour, and he still gets up once to nurse at night. 

Our little Florida town (well it's not really little) is wonderful though.  We frequent the pool 4 times a week, at least and have been to the beach a few times.  I have worn the same pair of shorts almost every single day and I think that's a sign I need a couple more pair.  I don't think it even reaches below 60 degrees here...and so that means I need more shorts. 

And I really cannot believe it's OCTOBER.  Wow, this year has flown by.  I am searching for a pumpkin patch for us to visit..even if it is 85 outside...you better believe I'm putting Winslow in his mustard yellow skinny jeans and his chambray button down.  He can't protest, so I'll take advantage of that. ;) 

and yep, I don't put clothes on my son during the day.  Is it
because he wears cute diapers or it's too hot?  Probably both.

And look at this smile.  Heartbreaker! 

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