01 September 2014

That time we moved to Florida.

Oh hey.  We live in Florida now.

Not much time to update as we are sitting in a hotel room waiting on baby to wake up so we can go house hunting.  Sounds fun, right?


You probably want an explanation right?

We've been keeping it to ourselves for a while because we had so much happen in such a short amount of time and didn't have all the details ironed out.  Don't believe me?  Listen here:

1.  Hubby graduated with his Master's on August 13. {Insert chorus here}

2.  Hubby applies for a zillion jobs...gets a few interviews for Atlanta, GA-Las Vegas-Florida.

3. Gets a job OFFER from Las Vegas...hey! We are moving to Vegas!

4. Packed up U-Haul and mentally prepared to drive 38+ hours with a 1 year old.

5. The day before leaving for Vegas, hubby gets a job offer in Sarasota, Florida. Higher position, more money...here we come! 

6.  12+ hours later...


Say a prayer that we find a place to live ASAP.  Living in a hotel is no fun with three adults, a dog, and a baby (my mom is helping us move, thank the good lord!)

More updates to come, I promise.

And I could easily get used to life on the beach.


1 comment:

  1. Good gracious!! That was fast! I hope y'all found the perfect place to call home!