15 September 2014

I think I like it here.

Florida is treating us well.  I am pretty sure I'm likin' it.  And the weather is pretty much wonderful.  Although, I would like to remember what fall is like...oh well, it's funner to swim in December anyway, right?

 I did decorate the front porch and make pumpkin bread tonight.  If it doesn't feel like fall, it'll still look like it around here.  :)

I've slowly been putting things on the walls but still am not in love with my decorating skills.  I need my momma! (You hear that, ma!?)  I did make a mini-collage in W's room that I love.  See below:

We have unpacked the majority of our things, except for the third bedroom...that room shall be called "The West Wing" like in Beauty and the Beast.  No one is allowed to go in there. Maybe one day I will get brave and conquor it.

I've also been wanting to read a book book and have had a few friends reccomend Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa Jo Baker. I can't wait to read it.  And I picked up a Praise Baby CD for Winslow to listen to in the car. 
Besides being beach bums, we haven't done much around here!  I like it that way.  Maybe soon we will make some new friends and can have playdates. Hubby starts work on Monday and this momma can't be cooped up at home all day with a wild child. 
Hopefully I'll have some pics of our new place soon!

Until next time,

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