14 August 2014

Winslow's First Birthday Party!

Wow.  I seriously cannot believe a year has passed (almost!) since Winslow entered this world. It's been the best year of my life.  Seriously, I wouldn't trade the lost sleep (and my child does not sleep well) for anything.  Being a mom has been the biggest blessing ever and I am so lucky God chose Winslow to be my son.

We celebrated with a fox themed party and boy did we have fun! Winslow went to bed the night before with horrible congestion and literally didn't sleep but 4-5 hours total because he was so miserable.  UGH, poor poor babe.  He woke up happy though and throughout his party, he was content.  He still is sick..going on day six.  Just a bad runny nose, congestion...and you can't really give him anything for it. 

Anyway, I am so happy with how the party turned out.  We had it at noon, so we had a hot dog bar, chips, and baked beans for lunch.   And of course, lots of other goodies.

 These are the photos I took of him with his cake...I taped them on the wall with washi tape. 

 These cookies were a labor of love. haha, they took me a couple hours to make but I LOVE the way they turned out.  Thanks, Pinterest!

 My friend, Nick, is a graphic designer.  He made the water bottle labels and the invitations.  I'll have to share of photo of the invitation soon. 

 We had a time capsule where everyone would write a letter to Winslow.  I can't wait for him to open them in 17 years. haha!


My wonderfully talented bestie. Molly,made the chalkboard sign!  Isn't it darling? 

 He went to town on the cake. I just used a store bought cake because I knew he wouldn't eat a lot..and a little sugar never hurt, right?


The party was so great and over just like that! Afterwards, I kept telling hubby..."It's so weird that we had a first birthday party for our son!"  Time really does fly.  

And just in case you're wondering:

1. Fox Cookies- made by me..I just used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and royal icing for the decoration.
2. Orange fabric banner- made by me.  Just get 1/8 yard of diferrent fabrics, cut into strips, and tie on a string.  EASY.
3. Canvas prints.  These costs me a total of $15 for all of them! I had Staples print me a big 16X20 photo for 9.99 and then the smaller ones are just color copies that were around a dollar each.  I already had the canvases and I just mod podged the photos on the top of them, and painted around the edges to make it a little more finished.

4. ONE banner on highchair..made by me.  Burlap, paint, and ribbon.  
5. Orange and white star balloons- Dollar Tree
6.  Stuffed foxes-  a couple Jellycats, one BlaBla fox, one from IKEA, and the big one with the time capsule is from Florida..don't know the brand. 
7. Winslow's suspenders- H&M
8.My top-  Stichfix (I LOVE THIS TOP!)

Any more questions? Leave a comment!

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  1. What about that high-chair? Is it one you found and painted? I love it! The party looks wonderful! Your decorative touches tied it all together so well!