11 August 2014

Winslow's Cake Smash!

This past weekend, Winslow had his FIRST birthday party! WHAT? Since we will be in Houston for a wedding this coming weekend, we had it the weekend before his real birthday.  I can't wait to show you all of the pictures from his party but first..his cake smash!

I took these a couple weeks ago and wanted to display them at the party.  They turned out soooo cute.  I literally took 450 photos...of course 400 of them were blurry because he's so stinkin' busy all the time..ha!


And no photo shoot is complete without a  meltdown!  He was upset because I wouldn't let him crawl on the carpet with his blue hands. 

Love my precious boy.


  1. Winslow is such a beautiful boy! His Nanny & Pappy are anxious to love on him again..... and on his moma & daddy, of course.