21 August 2014

Winslow is 12 months!

Guys!  Hubby and I survived the first year of parenthood! I need a bottle of wine!  This year has gone by faster than I even thought it could. I am so blessed and lucky to have the chance to parent my little boy.

Some days I thought I'd never make it out alive, and other days were a breeze.  That's the beauty of grace and parenthood.  You always get the chance to start over daily.  Thank you Lord.

Here's an update on our big boy!  I still can't believe he's one!

Weight: 23 pound 11 ounces
31 inches
: W, Win, Monkey,
little man

Eating:Doesn't turn down anything.  We gave him a donut for his birthday and he gobbled it up. haha!  He loves grilled cheese, eggs, blueberries, goldfish, watermelon, chicken and turkey..anything really. I am lucky he's a great eater so far.  He still nurses 4 times a day with 1 (maybe 2) times at night.  Boy loves his milk.  

Sleeping: I hate traveling because that always throws him off. We went to Houston last weekend and he was up 5-6 times a night.  I felt like a zombie.  He is doing better, only getting up once, maybe twice a night now...but I feel like the past two months, he's not slept as well as usual.  From the time he was 1 month old to around 10 months, he would sleep from 7:30-4:30-5 in the morning and now he is waking up around 1-2 and sometimes between 5-6.  So, no sleep for me really.  As far as naps go, he still naps twice a day, around 10:30 and 3:30 and he sleeps for 1.5 hours or so.

Teething:Seven teeth!  He has four on the top, and three on the bottom.  I have started brushing them and he loves it. He actually laughs while I do it.. maybe it tickles. haha.  But overall, teething hasn't been horrible around here. #knockonwood
Milestones: Little boy is taking a couple steps here and there! I bet he will be walking by 13 months, but he's not there yet.  He will walk while holding my hand allllll the time, but by himself he can take 4-5 steps before falling.  He got his first pair of Stride Rite shoes from his grandparents and they are so so cute.  He's also pointing everywhere and when we say "Where's daddy or mommy" he will sometimes point to us.  He's precious.

Clothing: 18 months.  Still a few 12 month outfits, but not much.

Diapers: Cloth  or if we travel, a size four disposable.

Social: Waving at people, saying bye bye, whispering all the time..  He has his bag of tricks that include: waving hi and bye, clapping, high fives, doing "how big is Winslow", clicking his tongue, giving kisses, making tooting noises...he's got quite the list!  He has a little bit of stranger anxiety, but not much yet.  He is so happy and smiley all the time.  I am so blessed.

Likes: Eating, waking up from his naps, Darla,  being on daddy's shoulders, kisses from momma, giving kisses, opening cabinets, crawling as fast as he can, standing by himself, his cozy coupe, riding in the wagon, walks with Darla, getting into everything, plastic bowls and spoons, being naked,bathtime

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, being taken away from the dangerous cabinets, not getting his way, tomatoes, changing clothes, getting out of the bath

Can't believe you are ONE, little boy!  We love you so much! 

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