04 August 2014


I'm finally getting around to finishing up our trip to Texas.  We only spend 3 days here, but it was full of family/friend visits and time on the farm. 

 Four generations right here!  My grandmother is 89 years old, doesn't she look beautiful?  Winslow's middle name is in honor of her as well.   It's not a family name on my side (it is on hubbys) but it's French and so she is happy about that! :)  (Meme is from France and still goes back half of the year!)

 This is my best friend since 4th grade! She has two babies with one more on the way! 

And now for some farm pictures: 

This photo was taken in January..look how big Winslow is now!  

We always love our trips down South..maybe soon we will be there more often (if hubby gets the Austin, Texas job)  Crossing our fingers!

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