24 July 2014

Winslow is 11 months!

This has been one of the funnest months so far! He is so interactive and cute!  He loves playing with momma and daddy and has been learning so much! I can see his little mind turning and he is going to be so nosy like his momma! haha.  We love you sweet boy.  Can't believe you are almost one year old!

Weight:22 pounds 14 ounces

Height:30.5 inches

Nicknames: W, little monkey, Win, little man

Eating: He is such a wonderful eater- I am so lucky. He loves canteloupe, sweet potatoes, apples, strawberries, blueberries, applesauce, pears, corn, chicken quesadillas, pizza..really ANYTHING! The only thing he doesn't like so far are french fries.. No complaints here.  He eats 3X/day with a snack during the day.  He drinks great from a straw cup and loves watered down apple juice.  I will probably start introducing a little whole milk in the next few weeks.  He nurses 5x/day still.  

Sleeping: Sleep is decent.  He still gets up once during the night...but he is napping great.  In the morning he'll nap 1.5-2 hours and in the early afternoon, he will take a shorter nap of 45-1hour.  

Teething: Four top teeth and two bottom teeth.  Still.  I know there are more coming, because he keeps biting his thumb like crazy and drooling a lot.  I am going to put his amber necklace back on soon.  I took it off a while ago, but I think it'll help.  So just 6 teeth now, but I bet by the time he's one, he will have a couple more.

Clothing: 18 months exclusively.  Big boy!

Diapers: Cloth.  We used disposables on our trip to Texas and he had like 4-5 blowouts! We NEVER have that problem in cloth.  One was so bad it was all over his high chair. EW.

Social: Smiling and talking to everyone he sees. He does prefer his momma if a lot of people he doesn't know are around him, but after a few minutes, he warms up.  He loves other babies now too. On the airplane, he would try to touch them and talk to them..so cute!
Likes: Eating, being chased while crawling, pulling up on everything, going for walkes, "petting" Darla, crawling around naked, being thrown in the air, kisses on his little thighs, reading books, swimming, bathtime, standing up in the tub, throwing food on the floor, standing on his own, being carried in the Tula, riding the the grocery cart, cuddling with momma

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, long car rides, being picked up if he is playing, being taken away from the outlets.

He is growing up too fast! Wow, he will be one next month!

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