01 July 2014

Grandma comes to town!

Last week, my mom drove 9+ hours to come visit! I so wish we lived closer to each other because our time together always go so fast.  Last time she was here, Winslow was not even crawling..and now he is a busy busy boy..so it was so much fun to see them together.  He loves her and I am so thankful for facetime because sometimes he will get a little bit of stranger anxiety, but not with his LaLa! He knew who she was!  (Because we facetime so often)

Enjoy the photos from our week!

He has now learned how to open cabinets....oh joy.  I need to make a trip to Target to get those magnetic cabinet locks ASAP.

Just call her super grandma!
And yes, he found a new favorite toy. -__-

We did a lot of front porch sitting...

and I'll leave you with this:

I think he was jamming out to Miley Cyrus..or not.

Come back soon, LaLa!

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  1. Oh, what a stinkin' cutie patootie! I'm expecting my first in September and can't wait for these fun memories!!

    Have a great Wednesday, Kait!