27 July 2014

Beach Trip Part II

Winslow did NOT know what to think of the beach at first....look at his little hands and feets trying not to touch the sand.  Cutest thing EVER!  He was kind of whiny and pouty for 5 or so minutes and looked at me like "get me out of here!"  but then it clicked... this sand isn't going to hurt me!

Once he finally got used to it, he loved it.  That's my boy.  He'll be a beach lover like his momma. 

He got lots of loving from his Uncle Grant who, by the way, is single started medical school this week! 

This never happens, but he fell asleep on his momma! I was thrilled.  He usually only sleeps in his crib.  The beach is hard work, guys!

Of course, he was just left on the beach with no one to play with the whole time.  Or, his grandma and grandpa wouldn't put him down.  ;)  You decide which one happened.  

 (This was after eating a popsicle)

That face.  He loves making "boy noises" as I like to call it. 

 Clearly, he didn't like getting his bum on the sand.   What a poor baby. 

And that pretty much sums up our week down south.  He loved it, stayed up way past his bedtime (duh, it's vacation) and didn't sleep at night...go figure.  

Next up:  Texas! 

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