26 July 2014

Beach Trip Part 1

So this was the first trip I have taken without hubby.  It was hard, but not horrible.  I had nightmares that my child would scream on the flight because he couldn't get down to play (he will not sit still for ANYTHING) but thankfully, he was entertained the entire time with books, puffs, cheerios, and the lady beside me who was trying to sleep but he kept poking her.  Oops.

Also, I could not have survived without my Tula (the baby carrier you see)  I have an Ergo and a Tula and I think the Tula is much more comfortable for both of us.  It covers his back more, and give me more support as well.  And plus, it has foxes on the front.  #win #imobsessed

I knew he probably wouldn't sleep much because, well, that would be too easy, but he did take a catnap on one of the flights. Look at this angel face. 

Look at those sweet toes finding their way up. Ha!
We finally made it after a flight cancellation literally RUNNING to the gate to catch our first flight (THANK you Tula, again) and a 3 hour delay. UGH.  But my dad was there to fetch us, and of course, sat in the back with Winslow..  :) 
We finally got to the beachhouse and I sent little man to bed...and of course he woke up 2039824 times during the night and wouldn't go back to sleep at 5:30am..so what did we do?  Take a walk on the beach and watch the sunrise.  It was beautiful.

 Stay put for part two of our beach trip...coming tomorrow! :)  


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