18 June 2014

Winslow is 10 months!

Every day gets better and better!  I just blinked, and BAM! He's ten months old.  I am planning his first birthday party as I type! 
He has got such a personality now and he is so fun to interact with.  I just love him to pieces and miss him when he sleeps.  I thank God for him daily, and I kiss him more times than I can count. 
Here's his ten month update!
Weight:22 pounds 6 ounces

Height:30 inches

Nicknames: W, little monkey, Win

Eating: This month food has been an adventure for us!  He will eat almost  anything I put in front of him!  We've had watermelon, mac and cheese, toast, rice cakes, blueberries, green beans, carrots, potatoes, orange chicken, broccolli, greek yogurt, and he had his first sip of sweet tea this month! ;)  No more sweet tea for W until a few (or several) more months though.  He nurses 5-6 times a day. He also drinks water from a sippy cup.  His favorite breakfast is oatmeal with banana or yogurt with bluberries.  For lunch, he loves sweet potatoes or carrots, and also have been eating tons of fruit..nectarines, plums, pears, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, canteloupe!  

Sleeping: Sleep...this has not been that great this month.  Teething?  Growth Spurt? Wonder Week?  All of the above?  Probably.  He goes to bed aroun 7:30 and wakes up at 2:12am EVERY SINGLE morning.  I don't know how his little body does it, but it does.  He wakes up at the exact same time every single morning.  I swear he has a little alarm clock in his crib telling him to wake up.  So, when he wakes up, I tried to just rock him back to sleep but that turned into a hysterical fit, I've tried letting hubby do it, and I've tried letting him cry...fail.  fail. fail.  (and yes, I am aware if I just left him, he would probably go back to sleep, but I'm not into the cry it out method.  to each his own. and yes, my child will turn out just fine)  Can you tell I've been given "advice" on this topic before? :/  So, we are just waiting it out until his teeth pop through, or we night wean him...  

As of last night, we are letting him cry it out in moderation.  He woke up at 2:18 (6 minutes late!) and I am determined to night wean him so I can get some sleep.  So I rocked him and he settled down and the minute I put him in his crib, he went hysterical.  So I left him...and he cried a while but finally fell asleep.  It was 2 hours of off and on crying.  Yikes.  But I am sticking with it because this momma needs SLEEP.  And he's old enough to sleep through the night.   

Naps:  Still napping twice a day. His morning nap is an hour to an hour and a half and his afternoon nap is usually 45 minutes.  This boy is too busy to sleep!  

Teething: Four top teeth and two bottom teeth.  I believe two more teeth are about to come through on the top! EIGHT TEETH at ten months? Geez kid! Grow up on me, why dontcha?

Clothing: 12 months and 12-18 month clothes.  He sleeps in a onesie and his sleepsack at night. He wears a size 3 shoe.  

Diapers: Cloth. We are heading to the beach and Texas for 11 days so we will probably take disposables for that trip and now that Target just started carrying Honest Brand diapers, we will grab a bunch of those.  They are so cute.

Social: This boy.  he loves everyone just about!  When we are at the grocery store, he will let out a huge squeal and everyone will laugh at him, then he will laugh right back and smile!  he is precious.  He does have a bit of stranger anxiety, but not for long.  He baba's and dada's all day long..no mama yet..maybe once or twice, but not yet.  He can kiss and wave bye bye and he can play peek a boo.  
Likes: Eating, being chased while crawling, pulling up on everything, going for walkes, "petting" Darla, crawling around naked, being thrown in the air, kisses on his little thighs, reading books, swimming, bathtime, standing up in the tub, throwing food on the floor

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, being told no, having toys taken away from him

Other: He now throws food on the floor intentionally, when I roll the ball under the table, he looks for it under the table.  He can throw the ball back to me, he crawls fast away from me when I chase him.  he can copy sounds i make, like tooting noises and baba noises.  it's so cute.  

Bascially, everything he does is precious.  

Look how big you've gotten!

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