02 June 2014

The Month of May: I shall declare it my favorite month.

May is awesome.  Wanna know why?  Mother's Day- Check.  Our Anniversary- Check. My birthday- Check.

And that's really why it's awesome.  I get three celebrations and I am not even going to hide that I love it.  Seth? Well he says it's hard to shop for three different gifts all in like 2 weeks, but he will get better with time...right hunny???  ;)

HA, but really...we always try to go somewhere for our anniversary so we don't do actual gifts (we went to Boone this year) and then for Mother's Day he got me this awesome tree and a craft that W made...did I blog about it? Geez, I can't even remember if I brushed my teeth most days. 

::Mother's Day post to come sometime in the next year:::

And now I'll blog about my birthday!

So we went out to eat twice for my bday.  It was AWESOME.  We first went to a BBQ joint that had TEXAS style brisket.   Pretty much amazing.
My co-workers surprised me with a delicious homemade strawberry cake that I am still eating on today.  I have had it for breakfast three times so far.  Hey, it's fruit, okay???
I got lots of kisses, snuggles, and smiles from a certain adorable baby named Winslow. 
And the best surprise??  When I got home from work Friday, this was laying on the bed.

A brand new dress and bracelet from Jcrew, and a note.

Hubby surprised me with dinner reservations (thanks to my MIL for watching W!) at this fancy Italian restaurants that was OUT OF THIS WORLD.  It was so good.  Some of the best Italian food i've ever had.

And here is our attempt at a photo in the parking garage after dinner. Pretty amusing, right?

Oh yeah, and on my actual birthday I shattered the glass out of our patio table...it was quite fun. NOT.

26 never felt so great.  But now that means I'm in my late twenties..and that's kind of scary.

Oh well, I still feel 21. :)


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