05 June 2014

into it all

This little boy is busy.  Not just getting into something here and there...he is into something every minute of every day. Once he is finished taking out every single book from his book basket, he moves on to the coffee table drawer and pulls out every single item and then throws it across the room.  Throwing is his new favorite accomplishment.  

Then he will crawlrun (that is my new word for him crawling so fast he is running with his knees) to the next thing he needs to get into..the dishwasher, the washing machine, the pile of dirt that I just swept up...you know, all the things that would hurt him in a second. 


Maybe one day he will learn how to do his only laundry..right?  Is 9.5 months too early to each him?
And maybe one day he will load his dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  Mom, am I right?  No?  Oh..okay..well MY child will be different than I was and he will do his own laundry, dishes, and clean up after himself.  Do you believe me?  No, I don't either.
And the best part of a curious babe?  Chasing after his little booty and "skinning the rabbit" so I can see his naked tush.  Oh, I could squeeze those cheeks every second of every day.  And these photos will be cute in his senior yearbook, don't you think?

Anyone who knows me when I was little knew I was into everything...i think that wonderful trait got passed on to my son.  Good or bad?  We will see.  I say it's good because then I knew what was going on at all times.  Right, dear mother?  Are you reading?  :) 

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