23 June 2014

For him.

This is only two weeks late but we have been super duper busy over here...
LOTS of stuff to catch up on... shall we start with I am quitting my job ? Or that we are selling our house?  Or that I wrote a lovely father's day post and never clicked publish?  Let's do father's day first.

Seth's first father day was wonderful.  He is really such a wonderful daddy to our boy.  We did our best to make him feel like the special daddy that he is.  

I love you, babe.  And could not ask for a better dad for our son.  You love me and Winslow with all you have.  

I love watching you love on our boy.  He is the perfect mix of you and me.  He's got his momma's stubbornness and his daddy's laid back personality.  He's got my eyes and your nose.

I can't wait to watch y'all grow up and become best friends.  What a lucky girl I am to have you as my husband.  I love you. 

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  1. So cute but what?! Selling your house? Quiting your job? Really like those pics but you cannot drop bombs like that and not tell the rest.