18 May 2014

Winslow is 9 months!

It keeps getting funner and funner with each passing month!! This month has been so much fun.  To watch his little mind explore and his eyes light up has been such a joy.  He is such a good good baby and although he does have his tantrums, I am so blessed to be his momma!  It only gets sweeter from here...

Weight: 20 pounds 12 ounces

Height: 29.50 inches

Nicknames: W,Little Bear, Monkey

Eating: Nursing 4-5 times during the day and once in the middle of the night.  (Yes, he still wakes up around 3-4 to eat!)  Maybe this month will be the magic month where we knock out that nighttime feeding?  To be honest, I haven't even tried to but one time and now that he's NINE months old, I know he will be just fine without eating in the middle of the night. ha!  He eats solids 2 times a day.  We are still doing a mix of purees and BLW.  He has eaten some new foods this month, and I think the only thing we are waiting on feeding him (besides milk) is strawberries.  This month he's tried eggs, oatmeal, peaches, potatoes, pancakes, green beans, turkey and cheese.  He has also mastered the straw cup! We had been trying to do a sippy cup but he was not learning how to suck it out and so I just thought I would try a straw and he caught on instantly! Plus, my speech language pathology freinds tell me a straw cup is better...  so I offer him a staw cup throughout the day with water and he will take a few swigs every now and then.

Sleeping: Bedtime is 7:15ish.  He gets a bath, lotion, massage (which he hates putting on clothes so he always has a hissy fit during this time) and then we nurse and then it's night night.  He sleeps until 4ish and I go feed him, he goes right back to sleep until 6:15-6:45...some days he will sleep until 7 but those are now not very often.  (and I MISS those days)  One day he woke up at 4:45 and WOULD not go back to sleep..that was TOUGH on me, but he hasn't done it since then.    

As far as naps go, he has gotten better and he will take two naps a day.  One around 9, and the other around 2ish.  The first one is anywhere from 45 minutes to and hour and a half.  His afternoon one is usually shorter..lucky to get 45-55 minutes.  :)  He has been going on a nap strike at my MILs though..we need to work on that, little boy.  

Diapers: Cloth.   Still going to do a post about it soon!


Clothing: 12 months and some 12-18 months bottoms due to his fluffy bum.  


Social: He is such a ham.  He will talk and squeal to strangers at the grocery store and says "EHHHHH"  and "BABABABABAB" all day long.  He can talk back to me if I say "baba" or "hey" he says "Hey" all the time.  haha, it's the cutest thing ever.  We are teaching him how to wave bye bye, and he's learning it..won't be long until he can wave.  He can kiss me when I say "give me kisses!"  He opens his mouth so wide and it melts me into a puddle.  People always comment on his big blue eyes and how happy he is.  Makes me proud!
Likes: Having his feet kissed.  strolling around in the BOB, DARLA,  his activity table, outlets, plugs, cords..you know, those things he's not supposed to like.  Crawling and pulling up on everything.  Pots and pans with a spatula to bang the heck out of it, Daddy's whiskers that tickle him.


Dislikes: Diaper changes ALWAYS,  putting on clothes after his bath, getting things taken away from him, sitting in the shopping cart for too long.

What we're looking forward to:  We are heading to the mountains for a long weekend over Memorial Day and we cannot WAIT!  We are also heading to the beach..what a fun month ahead for us!
  We love you so much!

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