15 May 2014

Stitch Fix #1

I have been lacking in the fashion department since having a baby, so when I came across Stitch Fix a few months ago, I decided to give it a try.

So yesterday I got my first STITCH FIX box!  What in the world is Stitch Fix, you ask?
Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist!  

You create an online profile.
You get five hand picked items.
Keep what you love, send back what you don't..


You sign up here and pay $20 a month to have someone pick out five pieces of clothing for you that gets mailed to your door!  The bonus is if you keep any items, you get to put the $20 styling fee towards your clothing.  
You can pick your price points (I chose "The cheapest option" and then they'll send you items for you to try on at home, and you return them in three days(in a prepaid envelope).  If you like all the items, you can get  25% your whole order!

I loved the first box my stylist sent! I attached a Pinterest board of mine to my profile to let my stylist know more about what I liked and didn't like.  I feel like she hit the nail right on the head with my style and I ended up keeping two of the five items! I really would have kept all of them but just didn't want to spend that much money right now.

Here's a breakdown of what I got:

1. Pink Martini- Devin Lace Detail Tie-Waste Maxi Dress.  $88

I loved how comfy the dress was and the tie in the back.  However, the top half kind of made me look too busty and boxy.  I thought the lace detailing on the top was so pretty though.  A very beautiful maxi dress, but I ended up sending it back because I would have rather had it in a bright color. For the price, I also felt I could have found the same thing at TJ Maxx for cheaper. SENT BACK

2. Pomelo- Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman Top  $48

 I love LOVE this top.  The fabric is SOOOO soft and comfortable, it is long and flattering, and it's a top that can be dressed up or down.  I paired it with my favorite crystal J. Crew necklace to make it look dressy, but you could totally wear it with a messy ponytail and Chuck Taylors.  I don't have that many stripes in my wardrobe and I loved the cut.  KEPT.

3. Hawthorn- Moni Pastel Leopard Print Scarf  $32

 I have a leopard print scarf, but it's from Wal-mart and SUPER cheap.  I don't really wear it because it's not that cute and doesn't look well made.  So when I got this, I knew I loved it.  It's so fluffy and perfect for summer.  I also love the green edging.  Wanna know the best part?  I can totally unfold it, wrap it around my waist and use it as a swimsuit cover up!  KEPT.

4. Pomelo- Tracy Dot Print Cross Back Knit Top  $58

 I loved the color and I LOVE polka dots.  I wanted to love the top, but it was a TAD too short if I bent over and for almost $60, I just couldn't justify spending that.  The back detail was so cute and I know I would have worn it if I kept it, but I sent it back anyway.  SENT BACK

5.Margaret M- Duboce Straight Leg Jean  $108

 So these were skinny jeans, in my opinion.  I love white jeans (I need some in my closet) but these were a tad too snug for my liking.  They were also too long, which is why I rolled them up.  I loved them paired with the top though.  I didn't like that you could see the pockets through the front (maybe because they were too small?)  but as the priciest item in my box, I definitely didn't love them.  SENT BACK.

Overall, I LOVED my first box.  I think my stylist did a great job of listening to what I like and I can't wait to see what she sends me next month.

Want to sign up?  GO FOR IT! I think you'll enjoy it.  And if you use the link I provide, I'll get a referral credit.  :)  I am so happy with Stitch Fix and think you will be too.

Then when you get your box, you can refer friends and get credit too.  

Which item was your favorite?  Should I have kept more than I did?  Do tell!  

*All opinions are my own and I am not getting compensated by my review. These are just my thoughts.



  1. Super fun! I liked seeing your items and feedback!

  2. Thanks for sharing your fix! Next time I need to get pics of myself trying everything on, because that is the most fun part of looking at everyone else's fix. I am having a bit of StitchFix regret for not keeping one top that I really loved, but didn't love the price. Next time, I think I will think less about the prices and more about my gut instinct when I first try something on. Especially since, it is a long drive for me to get to the mall or a TJ Maxx. The polka dot top you received was SO cute...I hope you don't have StitchFix regret for not pulling the trigger on it.

  3. I agree that the polka dot was a keeper. It fit your perky personality to a T! Thanks for sharing - especially the prices. I did NOT opt for cheapest on all my stitch fix items and am nervous about what the bill will look like...

  4. I just received my first "fix" and kept all! Wow, but they did nail it! My wallet however, is still screaming, in pain! All well though for a good cause! Thank you, and I love what you kept.